Share your Radarcape ADS-B Data on FlightAware!

Radarcape is a standalone ADS-B receiver that can receive live Mode S data from aircraft and provide it via a web interface or data feeds. Radarcape users can simultaneously use their Radarcape device while sending flight data to FlightAware. Users that share data with FlightAware automatically qualify for a free upgrade to an Enterprise Account.


Sharing your data via Radarcape is easy:

  1. Connect to your Radarcape via the web interface
  2. Click over the Configuration tab (see Figure 1)
  3. Click the Settings link
  4. Scroll down to the section labeled FlightAware
  5. Select how often to send data
    • Every 15 seconds is recommended
  6. Select the enable checkbox (see Figure 2)
  7. Using the copy/paste function in your web browser, copy the MAC address (e.g., a6:b1:d3:f3:9b:0a)
  8. Click the Save Changes link
  9. You can now register your receiver with FlightAware by pasting your MAC address into the registration window
  10. Within 15 minutes, your receiver will show up on the statistics and coverage pages

Radarcape Sharing Setup for FlightAware
Figure 1. Radarcape main page

Radarcape Sharing Setup for FlightAware
Figure 2. FlightAware feed settings

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