Alleged Luggage Explosion at Houston Airport Actually Just Clumsy Baggage Handling

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 04:24PM
Last updated 7 years ago.
It was reported to FlightAware that a piece of luggage at Houston Intercontinental Airport has resulted in a small explosion as it was being unloaded on a flight from Amsterdam although later reports describe the incident as a piece of luggage that fell so hard to the ground that it sounded like an explosion.

The flight is believed to be flight KLM 23. The flight arrived from Amsterdam at 1:46pm.

The Dutch Airline, KLM, operates two daily flights between Houston to Amsterdam. Continental Airlines operates one daily flight. KLM flight 23 is operated with a Boeing 747-400 aircraft. KLM operates the 747-400 in a three class configuration (business, economy comfort, and economy) that can carry 375 passengers.

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