FlightAware adds ADS-B across Australian Outback

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:00PM
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FlightAware is excited to announce that comprehensive ADS-B flight tracking coverage is now available across all of Australia including the Outback. The Outback can be extremely remote and lack infrastructure, yet there is significant air traffic from transcontinental flights as well as flights between Asia and Eastern Australia. FlightAware is the first flight tracking provider to offer fully comprehensive ADS-B flight tracking across the entire Outback, which complements FlightAware's existing ADS-B and RADAR on the Australian coasts as well as flight plan coverage nationwide.

FlightAware Australia ADS-B Coverage

FlightAware is the only company offering free flight tracking for general aviation flights in Australia and is the first to offer coast-to-coast flight tracking for airline flights in Australia. FlightAware also offers a number of commercial services to aircraft operators in Australia.

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