New FlightAware Flight Page, Maps, and Extended Global Coverage

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 06:35PM
Last updated 5 years ago.

FlightAware is thrilled to announce a number of significant improvements to flight tracking for both general aviation and airline users. We're always innovating and updating for you (see the list of updates here), but we have a couple big changes we want to announce:

Coverage Updates

As part of our recent launch of our FlightAware Global product for aircraft operators, we have been continually adding new data sources for real-time positions that are also available to users who use the free web site. In the last month, we've added significant additional live flight positions for many airline flights across Europe, Middle East, Japan, Brazil, and New Zealand. These new foreign data sources now make it possible for travelers to seamlessly track live airline flights.

New Flight Page

We've also released our biggest changes to the flight tracking page since our launch over seven years ago. We've redesigned the page to be more natural and intuitive. It’s now easier than ever to retrieve key information at a glance.

Most notably, destination/arrival airport and departure/arrival times are featured prominently. The main departure/arrival is color-coded (green for on time, red for late) to quickly identify the status of the flight. Here is a summary of the most significant changes:

  • The layout has a "left to right" component for origin vs departure with the most important available at the top

  • For airline flights, the full flight description (United Airlines #5) is now displayed in addition to the flight ident (UAL5)

  • For General Aviation flights, the arrival and destination cities are displayed

  • Hovering over scheduled times now shows a tooltip and clicking on the time provides more detailed time data
  • A Google Earth button (available on flights that have landed) is available at the bottom of the status box
  • The bottom of every flight status box has a button to easily setup flight alerts

  • Improved progress bar

View the New FlightAware Flight Page

Site Performance

New FlightAware technology and infrastructure launched today will provide significantly improved performance and a page load about 25% faster than before. FlightAware harnesses cutting edge technology to always provide great user experiences and we are thrilled with this improvement.

New Maps

  • "FlightAware Live" positions pushed live to your web browser without a refresh

  • Runway diagrams for US airports (when zoomed in)

  • View multiple flight data tags simultaneously on airport, fleet, and My FlightAware maps
  • Resolution of US weather radar increased 4x