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Thanx Che .... I've got a small Canon SX420 IS .... Not a pro .... I just point and shoot

Written on 04/22/2018 by Angel Vee

Click on full size.

I took this photo at the Southwest Florida International airport this afternoon. I cut off the fence on this photo and I took this photos from the observation area, the only place you are allowed to take photos. I took some photos at another location where a big rock was perfectly placed, and you could tell that people had climbed on it before. A few minutes later the port authority police showed up and directed us to the observation area where you need to stand on a picnic table and the fence is still an issue. I did read that they let people take photos from the parking garage.

Written on 04/22/2018 by Tony Erni

sehr schön Olli!

Written on 04/22/2018 by Uwe Zinke

Thanks, Alan! Yeah, it is a BIG bird!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Greg Byington

Thank you!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Ché Stuart

This 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III is a solo IFR pilot dream to fly! S-Tec 30 auto pilot with the Aspen Pro 1000 and Garmin 430WAAS works like a charm. The JPI 450 shows the fuel used, remaining, Hour and Minutes on board, how much to the next intersection along the way and what remains. The JPI 700 displays the EGT and CHT of each of the 6 Continental cylinders temps for best leaning 75 - 100 degrees rich of peak as set by the day's temperatures for 2400 and MP. It has been flown 150-200 hours per year and may soon need a new home with all the 'retiree'' demands away from my main base of operation in Cape May NJ. But it's a sweet plane and I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy it when it takes me to WY, IL,IA, FL, NY and at altitudes where oxygen is useful. Still with 2 tanks of oxygen and 4 place feeds I enjoy it at 11,000' and 12,000' above the weather and flying west to east at a ground speed of plus 225 knots on 12.5gph. it's been a treat to fly and as a CFI CFII AGI I know it need to fly weekly to be used to its potential. I volunteer around the Globe on military bases and hope to find it a new home soon.

Written on 04/21/2018 by Miles Barrett

Someone decided to have some fun haha

Written on 04/21/2018 by Cameron Stone

Beautiful !!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Angel Vee

So, how many knew that it carried its own fighter escort?

Written on 04/21/2018 by CBuck

I Agree corsair2!

Written on 04/21/2018 by mike prendergast

She's looking a bit grimy there, KLM Maintenance. Everyone knows that a clean bird is a happy bird!
Beautiful "golden hour" snap, Mark!

Written on 04/21/2018 by corsair2

the worlds mst powerful engine was a russian engine used on the TU-95 Bear.
it was about 33,000 horsepower.

Written on 04/21/2018 by peterjp5

168 cylinders, 336 valves, 4,363 in^3 per engine, 28,500 hp total!
Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major
Could you imagine having the job of setting the timing or the valves on one of these?!! Yikes!

Written on 04/21/2018 by corsair2

Thank you Richard!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Garrett Heller

IMO, two of the most elegant liveries out there belong to Royal Jordanian and Thai. A 744 in Thai colors is just splendid!

Written on 04/21/2018 by corsair2

Thank you so much for the comment Doug (and Chuck!) I've tried to change the aircraft type but it won't let me. I've reached out to admin to see if they can change it...
It's ALWAYS a treat to see the Fedex tri-holers come in to Toronto, just got lucky with a beautiful Spring sunset this particular weekend!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Mark Thomas

lovely plane

Written on 04/21/2018 by Fabio Alpelli

For what purpose?

Written on 04/21/2018 by William Vallandingham

Pretty nice shot there!
What camera do you have?

Written on 04/21/2018 by Ché Stuart

Beautiful man!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Ché Stuart

Thank you very much mate!!! :)

Written on 04/21/2018 by Ché Stuart

Wow, Thank you very much!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Ché Stuart

Great photo !!!

Written on 04/21/2018 by VAIDES RADU SORIN

Great photo

Written on 04/21/2018 by VAIDES RADU SORIN

Great photo !!! 5 stars ...

Written on 04/21/2018 by VAIDES RADU SORIN

Great photo !!!

Written on 04/21/2018 by VAIDES RADU SORIN

Great photo !!! 5 stars ...

Written on 04/21/2018 by VAIDES RADU SORIN

Only the U.S.Air Force. Thunderbirds are a tat better than the Blue Angels.

Written on 04/21/2018 by Peter Maas

Good to see the old tin cans!

Written on 04/21/2018 by royr2

Great eye Gary. Your link is most impressive as well. I used to watch the T-28s out of Navy Memphis in the 50s doing crash and dashes at ksgt. About a mile from my home and they would climb out over the house. Really cool.

Written on 04/21/2018 by CBuck

Love this old bird. I used to crawl around inside her when she was on display at Fort Worths "Amon Carter field", back in the 60's. Visited her on the West side of the runway at the plant where she was built in the next decade. Then spent some serious volunteer time & cash trying to get a "proper" museum in Fort Worth to display her (and other historical products of Consolidated, Vaultee, >Convair et al) over the nest two dacades. Still have the shirt to prove it...

So glad to see Pima doing such a good job!!!

Written on 04/21/2018 by skylab72

to David Crwys-Williams and fholbert - I very infrequently comment but do you guys really have to be so blinking negative.

Written on 04/21/2018 by chris knight

Looks like the North American Trojan.

Follow this link, CBuck

Written on 04/21/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Martin Coddington...Your comment on the sound. In my opinion, you are right on. I'm 80 now but as a kid, the two things I remember most about the B-36 was the pushers and the SOUND. Of all planes, I've ever heard it was one sound you'd never forget. Good comment on your part.

Written on 04/21/2018 by Carl Staib

Can someone identify this plane?

Written on 04/21/2018 by budcausey

Can anyone ID the orange a/c hiding the starboard pair of J-47’s ?

Written on 04/21/2018 by CBuck

Great photo

Written on 04/21/2018 by kingair65

very cool photo!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Jay Jenkins


Written on 04/21/2018 by julio villarroel mauna


Written on 04/21/2018 by julio villarroel mauna

@John Stahr;
Best comment :-D

Written on 04/21/2018 by AWspicious13


Written on 04/21/2018 by Brian Buckley

Hello Jack, no the shot is from the ground. Planes are comming up from the east and banking away first to the right and directly after this to the left of the runway at Leeuwarden airbase The Netherlands.

Written on 04/21/2018 by arnold schotten

Actually this was not photoshopped. This was an actual flight formation from an airshow I attended.

Written on 04/21/2018 by Loc Pham

thank you Cade!!!
much better than the new Lufthansa livery!!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Uwe Zinke

Hallo Thorsten,
ich habe selbst schon viele spektakuläre Momente eingefangen, die gelegentlich für Diskussionen sorgten.
Über lange Brennweite lassen sich unglaubliche Sachen einfangen.
Kannst Du was zu ISO, Blende und Verschlusszeit zu dem Foto sagen. Brennweite war gewiss 400mm. Ich würde auf hohe ISO tippen, um die Verschlusszeit runter zu bekommen. Das würde dann einige Bildeffekte durch Entrauschen erklären.....naja...die Knippserei soll Spass machen, keinen Stress verursachen :-)
Ich bin immer ziemlich neugierug und auch fair genug, eigene Fehleinschätzung zu korrigieren. MAn lernt nie aus, seine Sinne zu eichen :-)
Gruss Sven.

Written on 04/21/2018 by sven vollert

thank you Leland!

Written on 04/21/2018 by Uwe Zinke

Million stars if I could.... Awesome lighting!!

Written on 04/20/2018 by Cade Emtage

Awesome shot! The wheels are off the line though Mr. WJA pilot.... 5*

Written on 04/20/2018 by Cade Emtage

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