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i only have a couple of Norseman photos, i am working on finding them. but i will try to get a couple of them up. it is a great airplane, and lots of fun to fly!

Written on 03/26/2017 by jordan noonan

Beautiful shot!

Written on 03/26/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Famous Maria Islet in the background

Written on 03/26/2017 by Angel Vee

Beautiful shot

Written on 03/26/2017 by Roy Hunte

Email me

Written on 03/26/2017 by Shad Nowak

Amazing shot..5*

Written on 03/26/2017 by Dave Sheehy

i could not agree more with Gary. This is brilliant. The monochrome effect is stunning and I would give more than 5 stars for this one mate

Written on 03/26/2017 by ian mcdonell

This is really a great image ! 6 stars !

Written on 03/26/2017 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

you don't kill me!!

Written on 03/26/2017 by Uwe Zinke

This is not the correct picture for n5465c. Should be the white and blue C-170A

Written on 03/26/2017 by Don Oliphant

Love it!! This will be a great replacement for the old Q400's.

Written on 03/26/2017 by Austen Pyle

I think this was taken at KOSH EAA Airventure, NOT KMKE

Written on 03/26/2017 by aidannorman

Any recent photos ? Greate picture

Written on 03/26/2017 by ronserafin

Yep, I've been corrected (and rightfully so), it is a Waco. Still a great sight seeing opportunity around Sedona

Written on 03/26/2017 by David Gay

Sorry, my bad. You are correct, regardless a very cool plane and great sight-seeing opportunity in open cockpit

Written on 03/26/2017 by David Gay

I'm glad you found some use for my photo.

Written on 03/26/2017 by Ora Lassila

Hola Brian Boche no es un R-44 es un R-66 Turbina se muestra en letras rojas en el lado del helicoptero.

Written on 03/26/2017 by andré belleau

The report says the pilot landed in the snow between the runway and taxiway because he could not clearly see the runway.

Written on 03/26/2017 by David Sims

LaTech grad 2004

Written on 03/26/2017 by David Sims

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Written on 03/26/2017 by fholbert

Good point of view, Mr.Roland Pfeifer

Written on 03/26/2017 by luis carlos

Obrigado Robert

Written on 03/26/2017 by luis carlos

Excellent catch and timing! Great shot!

Written on 03/26/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Whenever I see Spirit, this is how I think there livery is made out.
A319= old black and gray livery
A320= colorful tail livery, a couple of yellow ones
A321= all bright yellow planes
To this date I have not seen an NKS A319 with a yellow livery.

Written on 03/26/2017 by Isaac Vogelzang

Well done Uwe! The queen observing the buses going by... 5*

Written on 03/26/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Thank you very much Timothy, but the specs are different; for instance the notice says "the length is 10.664m, wing span 7.192m, service ceiling 17410m" - which may be why the J-6, or "F-6", is displayed outside the hangar at the Chinese Aviation Museum, while the "F-12" is displayed inside. The cockpit windshield is noticeably different.
Quite puzzling.

Written on 03/26/2017 by Philippe-Joseph Salazar

Jim is right! (This one isn't a Stearman.)

Written on 03/26/2017 by cliff731

Fantastic shot!...there was a later twin engined version too.

Written on 03/26/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Hi Gary!!
perfect picture!!!

Written on 03/26/2017 by Uwe Zinke

So what's the story with those remnants of helicopters in the background?

Written on 03/26/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

About time you work a few days Craig!

Written on 03/26/2017 by Jeff satterwhite

Why not the four-engined version, the Shorts 440?

Written on 03/25/2017 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Nice shot of the two FedEx birds.Although the A320 could have a wash.Also nice to see the Boeing 747-800 behind the nose of the 777 and the 747-400 under the tail of same aircraft.

Written on 03/25/2017 by Michael Hoare

Excellent visualization of the AC # and the moving parts of the low-speed wing.

Written on 03/25/2017 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Great bird, they don't make 'em like this any more. Distinctive sound too.

Written on 03/25/2017 by James Driskell

Replace your divots!

Written on 03/25/2017 by JIm Toth

Projecting raw power. Nice!

Written on 03/25/2017 by Hans Geerdink

That is a very nice picture!

Written on 03/25/2017 by Hans Geerdink

Big stuff in the heart of Germany.

Written on 03/25/2017 by Mark Johnson

More stunning shots Mike!

Written on 03/25/2017 by Mark Thomas

Its now called " ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT... the former RAF FINNINGLEY... also called DONCASTER SHEFFIELD, located just to the South of Doncaster in South Yorkshire UK.

Written on 03/25/2017 by Allan Hickman

Fantastic! 5*

Written on 03/25/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Looks like it could be a variant of the Shenyang J-6 which is a Chinese version of the MiG-19

Written on 03/25/2017 by Timothy McDonnell

This comment is Gary Schenauer and Peter Maassen. It seems to me that you both think highly of the Boeing 474.I also see that you both are Photography buffs. My two Sons are into photography , my oldest had a brief semi-pro career in it. Now back to my comment. We live in Dearborn, Michigan, we are near Detroit Metro Airport, more specific ,we are in the flight path of incoming planes. We would babysit our Grandson ,Now 11 years old , And would watch the planes come in over our home. The most AWE inspiring sight was ,and still is ,the 747 JUMBO JET . We nick named the 747 , BIG , when one flew over we yelled out BIG. Our saying when we saw one was ( Low and Slow and Watch It Go ), It amazes me how that behemoth stays up in the air ,which looks like it's going so slow.We would drive out to the airport, to get even closer the the action.
I,We ,just wanted to let you both know that your pics are Beautiful to look at.

A Warm Thank You, Thank You, Thank You , Gentlemen .
John Manoulian Jr. ,John Manoulian III and John Manoulian IV

Written on 03/25/2017 by john manoulian

Es una toma imponente.!!!! Muy buena.

Written on 03/25/2017 by Patricia Ciancio

The Stearman had fabric covered ailerons, this one is metal covered and is a Waco YMF-5.

Written on 03/25/2017 by jim gevay

This is a Waco YMF-5

Written on 03/25/2017 by jim gevay

Me encantan ver fotos de aviones grandes eimpresionantes.

Written on 03/25/2017 by Rafael Cohen

a beautiful, natural shot

Written on 03/25/2017 by Philippe-Joseph Salazar


Written on 03/25/2017 by Philippe-Joseph Salazar

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