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How Are They Doing It? Qatar Airways Expands with ‘Endless Ambition’ and Recruitment Confirms It

How well its Qatar Airways handling its business compared to Emirates and Etihad - recruitment might be a really big clue. Unlike its competitors, Qatar Airways has continued to recruit new cabin crew. And even with the blockade on its airspace, its expansion shows no sign of slowing down. (www.paddleyourownkanoo.com) More...

Emirates & FlyDubai Likely To Merge Within 18 Months

he Gulf carriers are certainly evolving the past few years, as they’re under increased financial pressures from their respective governments. So while we’ve seen rational cost cutting, I think it’s inevitable that we’ll eventually see mergers as well. For example, the prevailing theory out there is that Emirates and Etihad will eventually merge and move to Dubai World Central Airport. Not in the next year or two, but rather in the next decade or two. (www.airlineboarding.com) More...