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United Airlines President Says If You're Uncomfortable In Coach, It's Your Own Fault

"Seat pitch has come down because that's what customers voted with their wallets that they wanted," said United Airlines President Scott Kirby. "I know everyone would tell you, 'I would like more seat pitch.' But the history in the airline industry is every time airlines put more seat pitch on, customers choose the lowest price." You see, oh silly passenger. Your discomfort is caused by your parsimoniousness. If you gave the airlines more money, they'd be only too delighted… (www.inc.com) More...

Ramadan 2017: Gulf Airlines Unveil Iftar Boxes and Other Surprises

amadan 2017: Gulf Airlines Unveil Iftar Boxes and Other Surprises. Here’s a rundown of what some of the biggest airline’s are offering their passengers this year: (www.paddleyourownkanoo.com) More...